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Chess Game


TV Pilot

A strong and eerie twin connection is broken when morale becomes thicker than blood

'Controlled Chaos'

TV Pilot

A washed-up author and his wife decide to break into television, all while juggling their seven dysfunctional adopted children.

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TV Series

An innovative tech guru’s journey of self discovery is thwarted by the homeless crisis in his city, he uses his newfound wealth to exact social reform.

'Reaper 2035'

TV Series

When an ex-special ops officer is discharged from the military he is uploaded into a virtual assassin game. He quickly becomes the target after discovering the game is a real-life assassin ring.


'Black Mercy'

TV Series

The Spencer family navigates the nuances of owning Mercy Hospital, as well as their own personal lives.

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'A Magical Maui Christmas'


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