Manuscript Development

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As an inspiring author or writer you should become comfortable with  revisions, even at the earliest stages of story development. Trepidation is normal, and we understand, but let our slew of creative work reassure you. We have worked with industry leaders to revise our own work. Though the process may have been tedious, our final product possessed a greater clarity and depth.

Manuscript development includes the editing processes that allow authors to create the best book possible. Done well, authors find it to be highly beneficial and painless. 

Below are the three essential steps to manuscript development:

  • Developmental Editing:
    • Various editing techniques are utilized during the earliest stages of story development. Here we work with authors to further develop ideas, establish a clear writing style and fix any structural and organizational errors.​

Copyediting: standard grammatical corrections will occur throughout the process.

Proofreading:  the final step before it is set into type before the final publishing.​