More About Us

WellWriters Films is a Film Production Company, founded by Randall and Talisha Crawford in 2019. Randall now an ordained minister and father of seven, has always had an interest in the arts. The Hartford, CT native participated in Artist's Collective where he focused and gained skills in music, storytelling, and martial arts. His overly active imagination caught the attention of his elementary school teacher which encouraged him to focus on his gift of storytelling. Talisha Crawford of Waterbury, CT had a gift for storytelling and poetry at a very young age. In elementary school, she wrote, produced, directed her very own play. At a young age, Randall and Talisha married and shifted their focus toward raising a family and committing their lives to the ministry of Christ.
After publishing a book in 2015, Randall began to wrestle with the idea of screenwriting and film production once again. In 2016, Randall and Talisha wrote their first screenplay 'Enmity'. The married couple continues to serve as a dynamic writing duo that creates unique and edgy content. They are currently producing their first feature film.

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